Ready-to-Go workspaces

Turn-key, Internet-ready workspaces: so you can focus on working and not worry about the facilities. Hit the ground running!

Coffee, tea, snacks available: keep your energy levels high!

Complementary and on-demand additional services such as a receptionist to professionally answer phones and greet visitors, mail services are available.

Business facilities such as fax, photocopy, phone, and printers are provided.

Professional cleaning and maintenance ensure a great work environment.

Wired for High Speed Internet and Telecommunications systems.

Dedicated technical support teams to ensure everything is running and working as it should.

Move in ready as soon as you sign.

Great networking opportunities with other businesses and entrepreneurs at the location.


Highly flexible: scale up or down with ease, and only pay for the space you need.

Choice of private, shared or open-plan workspace (many with 24-hour secure access).

Great for both startups and larger corporations who see the benefits of including flexibility into workplace strategy.

Cost Effective

Pay only for the space you need.

Reduced overhead: no expensive buildouts, furniture purchasing, utilities, and infrastructure setup costs.

Minimal upfront capital investment means more cash to grow your business.

Simple contracts: no need for lawyers and legal fees.

Fixed Costs: you know exactly what you will be invoiced for each month – great for budgeting.

One Invoice, all charges included.

No long-term IT, Internet, or communication contracts.

Managed real estate investment risk – no getting locked into long term leases.


Efficient alternative to traditional office spaces.

No distractions. Focus only on growing your business.

Private offices, office suites, desks, and cubicles within a fully equipped and staffed business center.

On-demand Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Training rooms, Breakout areas.

Prestige locations provide a prestigious and impressive business address (which otherwise may not have been affordable).

Used by startups and brand names businesses.

Serviced Offices accommodate multiple companies, multiple sizes.

Small users gain large scale presence and infrastructure. Great for startups and small businesses.

Many locations are strategically located in CBDs, close to public transportation and other amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and gyms.

Future-proof your business by ensuring flexibility to grow as needed, as soon as it’s needed.


Your Space, Your Terms.


Furnished, Internet ready, professional offices of varying sizes, ready and waiting for you to move in and get working – fast.

No need to worry about internet, cleaning services, utilities, repairs, or keeping the pantry stocked with snacks – it’s all included.

A fully-equipped, customizable office space with the latest technology, ready for you to get working fast!

In today’s rapid moving business environment a company’s workspace requirements can change swiftly, and often. Your space must be flexible.

Determine where you want to work based on what’s important to you (for example: specific neighborhoods, location, proximity to key clients, close to public transportation).


Workspaces which give the tenant flexibility over location, size, term and additional services.

Shorter lease terms (starting at just one month) enable you to quickly scale up or down the amount of office space you need and therefore pay for.

Scale with ease: expand or shrink your office space in days, not months.

Enter new markets: test new markets without committing large amounts of capital.

Cost Effective

All you need to worry about is building your business!

Pay for what you need: 5 desks and a private office in a serviced office location, or 1 desk in a coworking space, with access to a meeting room as required.

Budget reliably with a single and predictable monthly bill (compared to the hassle of dealing with all of the utilities, cleaning, internet, furniture, IT support, and other bills when leasing space on your own).

Reduce your overhead: No expensive buildout, no need to purchase furniture, set up utilities, or IT infrastructure.

No unexpected costs.

No being tied down – physically and financially – to long term contracts: Conventional leases last 10+ years, flexible spaces start at 1 month.