Brands and Businesses – Why Popups?

Test the Waters
Gauge customer/public reaction to a new product or service.
Test a new geographic location to help determine whether to open a permanent location.
Short term commitment minimizes any risk.
Popups are much more affordable than traditional long term leases.

Build Brand Awareness
Popups are an extension of your brand, allowing you to meet online customers face-to-face and earn customer loyalty.
Test products and receive instant user feedback, thereby gaining invaluable customer insight.
Build brand awareness by being your where your potential customers are.

Clicks ‘n Bricks
90+% of all purchases are still made in the physical world.
Online-to-offline retailing, where successful online retailers are opening physical locations.

Generate buzz around new products.
Popups are perfect for product launches ‘special events’.

Build community by interacting with customers and potential customers.
Educate customers about your product.

Drive sales – once customers meet your brand ‘in person’, they are more likely to shop for your brand online.
Test a new revenue stream.
Market merchandise around a sales, season or holiday.
Popup locations encourage spontaneous purchasing, and create a sense of urgency.
Unload inventory.

Be where your customers are
Be near events potential customers are attending, such as festivals, sports events, conventions, and conferences.

Reduced Costs vs Traditional Long Term Lease
$98,000: Average cost to open a traditional bricks-n-mortar shop.
$2,000: Average cost to open a pop-up shop.

Quicker Setup vs Traditional Long Term Lease
60 days: Average time to set up a retail store.
12 days: Average time to set up a Popup.

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For Landlords
Earn income from a vacant location instead of letting an asset sit idle.
Fill unsightly empty space and build buzz that benefits the entire area which in turn increases property values.
Make the space more attractive to potential long term tenants.
Generate interest in a property.
Allow prospective long-term tenants to test retail concepts in a short-term concept.
Increase area foot traffic.

For Retailers with Space to Share
Share your retail space with other entrepreneurial companies.
Complement your product line with other products and services.
Increase foot traffic to your location.
Share rental costs and other expenses.
Some of the types of Spaces you can share or sublease include: entire stores, wall space, shelf space, and rack space.

For Major Retailers and Department Stores
Monetize empty or underperforming space.
Draw in new customers.
Increase foot traffic.
Minimize inventory risk (with others businesses filling spaces with their own inventory).
Increase excitement for your store.
Be a part of the popular ‘Store-within-a-Store’ concept.
Increase excitement for your location.

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