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99spaces is reinventing the way businesses find space. We help you find the space that is exactly right for your business.

Search by what’s important to you

Whether it’s a stocked pantry, bicycle parking, or reception services: search for the space you want by more than just ‘square meters’.

Really understand the location

Our high-end, large glossy photos give you a real sense of the space.

Comprehensive property information helps you know all about the space No wasting time touring locations that won’t work for your business.

Connect directly with the space manager or broker, quickly and efficiently

Ask questions, schedule tours. Enough with the endless email trails already.

Get. Working. Faster.

Most of the spaces listed are furnished, internet wired, and just waiting for you to get in and get working.

Don’t worry about laying carpet or cleaning the space. Most of our spaces are plug-n-play allowing you to move in and hit the ground running. Uncomplicated rental agreements take what used to be months of costly legal work and instead get it done efficiently and seamlessly, in one day.

Curated listings

Prior to publicly listing a space on 99spaces our team endeavors to confirm and approve the listing details and ensure that it meets our standards.

We spend large amounts of time reaching out to space managers, agents, and property owners of spaces we think are awesome, and get them online as soon as possible. We aim to provide as many locations and space varieties as possible.

We work to make sure you have the best, because you and your business deserve the best.

Our spaces are flexible

Scale your office space up or down as needed. Growing and need more space or a new location? We can get that done.

No long term lease: Space lease lengths start on a month-to-month basis.

By not tying up precious financial resources in real estate you have the freedom to focus on building your business.

99spaces lists:  Coworking Spaces, Office Suites, Serviced Offices, Shared Spaces, Private Office, Virtual Offices

99spaces Dedicated to working with small business, startups, entrepreneurs, and TAMIs and the spaces suitable for these businesses. Stop wasting time on the massive portals – we continuously curate the best and most relevant spaces for your business.

Got Space?

Utilise 99spaces to maximise the return on your real estate assets.

Your potential tenants are online So you need to be too.

99spaces is the online marketplace dedicated to matching your spaces with the right tenants.

Market your space the way it deserves to be marketed Let potential tenants see exactly what your space is all about.

Beautiful photos, comprehensive profiles. Need help? Let us connect you to a photographer to get those beautiful photos, or a writer to provide a fitting description. (Use our marketing services…?)

Once approved, your space will be shown to smart, entrepreneurial, growing companies.

Connect with the right tenants for your space Whatever your space type, there is a business out there looking for it. 99spaces helps you find them.

Your space, your control. Ensure your tenant is the right fit for your space prior to spending time hosting tours.

Payments If you prefer, we can handle the tenant payments directly. Stop chasing money and let us collect and directly deposit your money securely into your account.

99spaces lists:  Coworking Spaces, Office Suites, Serviced Offices, Shared Spaces, Private Office, Virtual Offices

Many Spaces?  No worries! We’ll gladly do the heavy lifting for you.

99spaces Improve your marketing ROI by advertising on the one portal dedicated to your space type. On the large portals your listing are lost amongst the thousands of others.

Your tenants are searching here. Find them quickly and stop losing money on vacant spaces.

Interested in turning your office space into a shared space, serviced office, or coworking location? We can help you with that! Reach out to us here.