What is 99spaces?

99spaces is a simple, convenient way to find workspace.  We connect business to flexible workspaces.  This is great for businesses, real estate agents, space managers, and property owners.


How do I sign up?

Signing up and creating an account is simple and free. Sign up from our homepage at 99spaces.co using your email address, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Once you’ve signed up its best to complete your profile. As a space provider, this allows businesses to learn more about you and your spaces, while for guests, it allows space managers to learn more about you and your space requirements.


Why should I signup using a social network (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)?

By connecting to 99spaces via your Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter accounts (choose one, two, or all three) you are enabling connections with the space managers and other users at a location.  This is a great way to connect to others, network and meet people.  Who knows – your next business deal or business partner could be waiting!


If it doesn’t work out for you, you can disconnect your social networks at any time.


Forgot your password?

No worries! Head over to the Log In page and click on the “Reset Your Password” link.  Enter the email address you used to sign-up and we’ll send over an email containing a link asking you to change your password.


If this still doesn’t help shoot us an email over at support@99spaces.co and we’ll get it done!


Can I message a space manager, agent or owner directly?

Absolutely! We are all about removing friction and unnecessary steps.  Simply click the “Contact” button in the host profile card on the right side of the listing page and your message will be sent directly to the contact.


Can I edit my account info?

Update your information by simply logging in and clicking the “Edit Profile” link (located in the top navigation menu with your name on it).


Who can list on 99spaces?

Coworking Spaces.


Property Owners.

Property Managers.

Serviced Office providers.

Businesses with space to share.

Business looking to sublease all or part of their space.

Anyone looking for a little company at their office.

Retailers looking to share part of their store with other retailers.

Shopping center managers and owners looking to fill Retail Spaces.

Need help with your listings? Contact us at:


Do you work with agents/brokers?

Absolutely! We love working with agents and brokers.

99spaces is perfect for brokers of smaller spaces (up to 10k sf/ ~930 sq m) and flexible spaces.


If you are a commercial real estate broke we would love to chat with you about working together. Reach out to us here.


Do you work with landlords?

Yes.  99spaces is a great tool for landlords (along with their agents and property managers) to market their spaces to their exact target market.  There are businesses and professionals looking for your spaces!


Landlords: Let’s talk! Contact us here.


What sorts of properties are listed on 99spaces?

Office Spaces.

Shared Office Spaces.

Coworking Spaces.

Serviced Offices.


Popup Retail locations.

Shared Retail locations.

Would you like to list something else? Let us know how we can help: spaces@


Why should I list?

99spaces is the only portal dedicated to flexible spaces.

Expose your space to the very businesses looking to lease it.

On the larger portals your spaces get lost amongst the thousands of other properties

Save money by sharing your spaces with like minded businesses.

Share expenses by sharing your spaces with like minded businesses.

Build relationships with other businesses, small businesses and startups.

Make connections and build your business.

Be inspired by those around you.

Fill unsightly empty retail space and raise the value of your property.

Build goodwill with the local community and local businesses by sharing space with startups.

99spaces leverages the power of social networks and professional associations to get the right people into your spaces.

99spaces provides you with the flexibility to list your space once and turn it on and off allowing you to rent spaces by the day, week, and month.


How do I create a listing?

Head on over to 99space.co, and click the “List your Desk” button located in the top navigation menu.


Follow the steps through our space wizard and your listing will become active.


Provide as much information about the space as possible and ensure you have great photos. The better the photos the more attention your listing will get.


Complete the space wizard and your listing will become active and available to our community of professionals.


Additionally, we provide a range of services that can help – such as setting up your listing and connecting you to top-notch property photographers. Contact us here to learn more.


Can I list different spaces and subspaces with different time frames and costs?



99spaces provides the flexibility to determine what part (or all) of your space you want to lease, the duration each space is available, and the price for each space.


You can add and manage as many different spaces as you wish, with complete flexibility.  This allows you to easily turn unused space into revenue.


What if I have many listings?

Well, for starters, we will give you a better package price.  Additionally we will help you upload your listings.  Contact us now to discuss!


How much space do I need?

Use our space size calculator to receive an estimate of the office space size you need. Note, we use industry standard sizes for cubicles, offices, shared areas, etc.


What is Coworking?

Coworking is when individuals and groups of people work together, but not for the same businesses.

Coworkers share a physical space, friendship and camaraderie, and knowledge.


How is Coworking beneficial for my business?

Quite simply, there are many benefits to Coworking.  Here are just a few:

Work along like minded entrepreneurs

Network and make connections.

Learn from and teach others.

Being a member of a coworking space keeps your overhead and expenses low.

Read more about Coworking here (coworking link).


Can I get more help?

Yes – feel free to contact us directly at any time via hi@     or check out these other ways to reach out to us here (contact us link).


Can 99spaces help me cover my overhead?

Yes.  The 99spaces platform provides a way to effectively monetize unused space. By listing your space with us you are advertising it to a network of businesses and professionals who are looking for a space exactly like the one you’re leasing.  This is true of both short and long term leasing opportunities.


To add/delete photos after creating a listing:

Log in to your 99spaces account and click the “Manage Desks” link (located in the top navigation menu with your name on it). Click “Edit Desk” to manage photos for each of your listings.


To add multiple spaces at one location:

Log in to your 99spaces account and click the “Manage Desks” link (located in the top navigation menu with your name on it). Click “Add Desk” for the location that you want to add a desk to. Complete the form fields, and click Save. Repeat for each desk that you would like to add.


Once a space is occupied to I need to delete it?

No. Simply enable or disable a listing as it either comes on or off the market. Edit the space’s status from the “Manage Locations” page.


Can I approve bookings?

Yes – by default confirmation is required for all bookings.

To change this setting, head over to the “Manage Locations” page.