Sanchita Dash, from ENTREPRENEUR Magazine writes about how coworking has now moved beyond the actual physical space and most importantly, coworking now provides is community.  The benefits this can provide to startups and businesses of all sizes is immense.

Partnerships And Events

A growing trend is for coworking spaces to move beyond just real estate benefits to give their start-ups benefits by partnering with various companies or organizing events. By organizing events, these coworking spaces help their start-ups to interact with industry experts and even work with them. Through partnerships, they bring discounts and credits.

What Makes a Start-up Choose a Co-working Space?

But with the abundance of coworking spaces across the country today, how does one plan to stand out in the crowd and how does a start-up select the right co-working space which will help them grow their business.

Lambah said that coworking spaces offer numerous opportunities for networking and help start-ups and professionals be part of a larger community and interact with like-minded businesses to focus on driving their businesses forward. “Therefore, it is important to choose a space which is suitable for the needs of a business. From a cash flow perspective, co-working space is ideal for start-up entrepreneurs looking for a professional workspace without the high upfront costs. Co-working spaces offer affordable rent, especially in comparison to hiring out a traditional office space,” he said.

…… It all boils down to the added benefits a coworking space offers a start-up. Mathur said that service provided at coworking spaces is the key to success for them to win the race. “To make them stand out from the crowd, space should be able to add some value to their occupants. Having a unique offering with a clear distinguished USP of maintaining high-quality services distinguishes it from competition,” he said.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

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