Hogan Lovells, writing over at lexology, has put together a handy quick guide on things to ask when looking into a coworking or other flexible type workspace:

  1. What space do you get? Will it be the same desks/offices every day or is it just first-come-first-served? Does the arrangement meet your specific technology security and confidentiality requirements? Does the provider guarantee you the space?
  2. For how long are you tied in? Can you leave early, and if so is any deposit refundable or a minimum fee still payable?
  3. Can the provider evict you early?
  4. Can you stay in the space for longer, or take more space? If you can, what will it cost you to do so and what can or should you agree upfront?
  5. Is any deposit payable when you sign the contract? What must you do to get it back at the end?
  6. Can your staff enter the building or the working space immediately, and what can you do in advance to save time on the first day?
  7. Do you pay extra for office services (e.g. printing, scanning, photocopying, telephones, internet data services and IT support) and refreshments? If so, what can or should you negotiate in advance to keep control of the bills?
  8. What “hidden” costs might the provider seek to pass on to you, and is there anyone else who might seek to charge you directly for something?
  9. Do you need to bring your own IT equipment/telecoms cables etc. into the space? If so, do you have all the rights you need, or is a third party (e.g. the provider’s landlord) also going to have to be involved? Make sure you can arrange everything before you commit to taking the space otherwise you might end up paying your provider for space you can’t use.

You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

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