Global real estate experts CBRE released a guide discussing the ways in which property can be a dynamic and flexible asset for your organisation, and what type of space, such as coworking or traditional office, is optimal.  Obviously the largest factor in such decisions revolves around what growth stage your business is at. This should determine how you think about workplace and the level of investment you should be making in space.

Given the proliferation of coworking and the increasing benefits of utilising a coworking space, CBRE sites coworking as an excellent option for those needing and ready to move from home or coffee shop into a more legitimate business space. The coworking environments is especially good for companies in this growth stage given the  emphasis coworking places on community and experience:

Experience varies broadly by coworking environment and membership level. Most coworking spaces are designed to encourage interaction and collisions, resulting in opportunities for members to network and share learnings, capabilities and resources. When looking for space, consider the primary role that an office will play for your team by asking these questions:

•  Will you be doing all or most of your work from the coworking space? Look for environments that provide on-demand access to individual spaces and that support a range of work styles. Consider support for quiet and focused work, availability and types of collaborative spaces and potential added costs associated with accessing space not included in your membership.
•  Will you use the space primarily to collaborate as a team? Look for membership that provides access to a private team space. Consider
the flexibility of the space: look for writable surfaces, large screens that allow you to share information digitally and the ability to arrange the space in a way that works for your team.
•  Will you be connecting with customers, teammates or partners remotely? Consider how well the environment supports virtual collaboration through videoconferencing, acoustically private meeting rooms and wireless network bandwidth.
•  Are you still building the business and could use help? Many coworking memberships include access to discounted or free business services and professional development opportunities targeted at entrepreneurs and startups. These can range from human resources support to Web development and may be supported through staff available onsite.


We really recommend reading the guide fully and getting a good understanding of where your business sits in the growth cycle and what that means in terms of your space needs.  The article can be read in it’s entirety here.

Once you are ready to get into a coworking space is ready to help!

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