Today’s post is brought to you by the awesome team at Here Coworking – Sydney’s awesome newly-launched coworking space.   


Here is a unique share space concept, designed to grow a collaborative culture, specifically between creative and tech companies. We have challenged the industry norm of treating tenants like battery hens in favour of a ‘free-range’ approach to opening up Sydney’s most beautiful studio space, allowing creativity and creative thinking to flourish.


Here is the brainchild of founders Karen James and Galvin Scott Davis, owner operators of Protein Studios, one of Sydney’s first creative coworking businesses.

After seven years of successful operation, the sale of Protein Studios presented an opportunity to merge their social, behavioural and economic insights into the first of a new generation of Coworking spaces, designed specifically for creative thinking.

As one of Sydney’s most successful independent creative digital agencies. Protein were fully equipped to create and implement the Here Co-working brand in every aspect except for the environment itself. After an extensive search, they engaged Public Design Group for their unique understanding of brand experience design. “This was not just workspace design, it was much deeper than that. We needed a design partner who understood how to address the factors that influence impressions (and subsequent behaviours) that we had observed through our members over the years at Protein Studio.

Here is a product of both agencies’ fresh approach to creative thinking environments. Their expertise in brand and environmental design, along with unique first hand industry insights have combined to create a coworking space like no other.

Whether it’s the generous breakout areas, expansive walkways, oversized desks or mood-designed music, Here is a place that people love to come to work every day.


The studio is located at 9 Harris St Pyrmont in the former CSR sugar mill, one of the last remaining heritage warehouse buildings on the harbour front in Sydney. Occupying the entire main floor of the building, the studio has glass curtain walling to the north elevation, offering stunning harbour views and filling the space with natural light.

Just meters from the water with access to cafés and restaurants and adjacent to Pyrmont Park, the location offers an excellent opportunity for members to enjoy the continuous water front pathways and open park spaces from Darling Harbour to Pyrmont Bridge.


The idea behind Coworking has always been around community. However as the market has matured many of the larger brands have lost their way, compromising their core idea in search of profit by cramming as many people as possible onto desks that are too small to work on, in confined, poorly lit environments.

‘Here’ is a boutique, high-end Coworking brand. It has achieved this status simply by staying true to the original core values that create great communities. “Fundamentally our focus is on our members first” Ms James says. “We have invested in space, large desks and a perfect mind, health balance to assist people in being productive. The better people feel, the more productive they are. It’s in our interest that our members’ businesses flourish”.

Mr Davis adds, “An important difference with the space is that we are not agnostic. As much as applicants come to the space to see if it is right for their business, we interview applicants to make sure their business is right for the space. We are focusing on small creative and tech companies looking to ‘deepen’ in their growth by interacting with other companies at a similar stage in their evolution. There is little point in adding large established businesses with their own cultures as they would dominate the overall culture, how would that make us different from every other landlord? We are seeing daily tangible benefits in bringing creative and tech businesses into the same space, both from a cultural and business performance aspect”.

The studio is a blend of chilled out music, relaxed warm environment, sunlight and generous space. The ‘free range’ open studio approach to the environment has seen the founders of ‘Here’ create a place where people look forward to come to work each day and find it hard to leave.

Check out ‘Here’ on 99spaces.

‘Here’ are offering preview tours of the boutique Coworking space before their opening in October. They are currently at 65% capacity prior to launch, taking early bird applications and waiting list requests. Contact for more details.

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