One of the pioneers of coworking and founder of Hub Australia, Brad Krauskopf, recently spoke to Dynamic Business, along with Liz Elam, founder of Texas-based Link.

Talking about the advantages and benefits of coworking, locations of spaces and what potential users should be researching Brad and Liz had the following to say:

According to Krauskopf, an obvious benefit of coworking spaces is that startup founders can “remove the logistics of real estate from the equation” and thus focus on what is important for their business; however, the ‘real value’ of operating out of these environments is generated by being part of a community and forging strategic relationships with other businesses: “Clustering together enables startups to ‘punch above their weight’, not just locally but on a global scale.”

Elam added, “People in coworking spaces are happier, better networked and more productive and, while we don’t have the data on it, I would submit that businesses that work out of coworking spaces are more likely to thrive. We know their people do!”

Krauskopf advised budding startup founders to “stop working from the kitchen table as soon as resources allow” and bring their business into an environment that cultivates business growth, “like a coworking space”. To help founders select – and get the most out of – a coworking space, Krauskopf offered the following pointers:

  • Choose a space that…
    • reflects the culture you want to foster in your business
    • affords the people who work for you flexibility, with a view to attracting and retaining the brightest staff.
    • offers value beyond the desk such as events programming as well as learning and social opportunities
  • Play an active role in your coworking community – “At Hub Australia, half of our members collaborate and work with their fellow members, in some cases the entire business’ client base is other Hub Australia members. Being involved in the coworking community can bring business opportunities, collaboration and drive creativity.”
  • Understand that different coworking spaces may be needed at different stages of your business journey – “You might need to code hard right now, which means you pick one coworking space over another. Or, you might actually need to do solid meetings and try to attract new clients, which means you choose a completely different coworking space.”

Building on Krauskopf’s advice, Elam recommended people “tour all the spaces that are geographically desirable PLUS a few that aren’t”. She explained, “they might be worth the commute but you won’t know unless you explore. There are lots of flavours of coworking – try a bunch and see what resonates with you”.

She added that most spaces offer a dedicated desk or office space, meaning startup founders – in seeking to determine what is best for their business – should consider finer details such as access hours, parking, mail delivery, physical and online security, and especially the local community and member events programming: “businesses are realising the importance of a connected community where serendipitous encounters can lead to business opportunities”.

Asked whether (these) spaces can continue to be advantageous for businesses once they’ve out-grown the startup phase, Krauskopf said ‘yes’, explaining: “coworking has begun to be viewed as a long-term option, rather than a stepping stone”.  He added, “One of the key trends I’ve seen is bigger spaces that can cater to companies at any stage of their growth. There’s a real opportunity in coworking – Australia and globally –  for businesses with teams sized between 10 – 100”.

Elam agreed, noting coworking spaces aren’t just the domains of startups: “We are seeing the demand for team rooms and corporations coming into coworking, which is also currently a key trend in Australia”.

Read the article in it’s entirety here.

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