Working out of a cafe or hotel lobby is nothing new. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, salespeople, and others have been using these locations as ‘mobile offices’ for years.  With WiFi prevalent almost everywhere and work lives all up in the cloud it’s never been easier to work from anywhere.  Coworking is the logical next step.

Coworking is taking off.

Raconteur magazine has labelled this ‘Cappuccino Commerce’.

Walk into almost any coffee shop, café or hotel lobby in London, or any of the world’s great cities, and you’ll find a hive of activity. Businesspeople will be tapping away at laptops, Skyping colleagues and holding meetings with clients.

Over the last few years the growth of “cappuccino commerce” has been fuelled not only by better coffee, but more reliable and secure wi-fi, with remote network access and cloud storage at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. This has resulted in more and more professionals discovering they can run a business without having a permanent office.

In the same way as we download software updates via software-as-a-service providers, we can also “consume” office space-as-a-service as and when it’s needed.

But it’s not just freelancers who are using this working model. A growing number of the world’s best-known companies are now waking up to the fact that having access to office space where and when you want it makes economic sense, rather than paying for empty offices and underutilised meeting rooms in expensive locations.

The proximity to others, and networking capabilities that coworking provides are working for corporates too:

“Our other clients from venture capital and private equity firms to marketing agencies and technology businesses are realising that they’re surrounded by people they can work and collaborate with,” says Mr Blaskey. “It’s part of a more collaborative attitude towards business. You want a solicitor, for instance, there’s one getting a coffee next to you. Similarly you might find yourself selling to the person sitting at a desk across the way.

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