There’s a good chance you’ve heard about coworking, maybe read about it, and perhaps even thought about it and considered whether it would work for you and your business.

If you have not yet taken the plunge, what are you waiting for?!  But seriously, here are a whole bunch of reasons why you should, thanks to the good folks over at

Co-working gives you a change of scenery

If you currently work from home or don’t yet have a base for your company (or perhaps you don’t need one), one of the most obvious advantages a co-working space provides is a simple change of scenery, but with a professional atmosphere. You can get through more work than you would if you were at home, without feeling totally isolated.

Co-working offers many free perks!

Meeting rooms on site, refreshments, private kitchens (always handy when you are working to a deadline), storage space, lightning WiFi. When you add it all up, getting involved in coworking is a bit of a no brainer, especially when you compare it to renting.

Co-working could help de-stress your work life

Working spaces aren’t typically stuffy and formal like an office can be. Instead they offer a relaxing and less intimidating atmosphere, which of course means less stress and more time to focus – without the demands of typical office life.

Co-working could also save you money

Coworking is no doubt cheaper than renting office space. It can also save on travel costs; why commute further when you can be working around the corner? You could also save a little on your caffeine habit as most spaces provide free drinks. Win-win!

Things to consider when looking for the right coworking place:


Always consider the terms of contract. Do you want a space that you can sign up to for a month, for a longer period or do you want to come and go?

Find a space that suits you

Perhaps you prefer to be near the biggest business hubs, or maybe you want an area that offers great cafes, bars or even artwork. Workspaces are often in areas associated with startups, so the location is more than likely to have a great atmosphere and creative places in abundance.

Try before you buy

Before committing to a space, ask if you can use it for free for a period, just to see if it’s right for you. And when you’re there don’t be afraid to ask the staff and more importantly, fellow coworkers questions.

Networking opportunities

Some spaces host talks, breakfasts (etc) and other events that are great for meeting like-minded people. You may even be lucky to find a space that has weekly socials. Handy for building up your contacts lists.

And once you’re there…

Get involved

Co-working provides a great opportunity to share ideas. Discussions can lead to problem solving and maybe even collaborations further down the line.

Stay motivated!

You need to set goals and be clear on what you want to achieve. A flexible space offers a chance to be productive without the distractions associated with home working (unless you prefer to have a chat, that is). But we are creatures of habit, so take advantage of all the space available to you and change where you sit every so often.

You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

Once you’ve done that head on over to 99spaces and find the the space that works for you. You won’t regret it.

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