Fact: the environment around you affects the way you think, behave, and work. An uninspired workplace environment makes for an uninspired day.  Psychology tells us that we have the ability to change our outlook – and therefore output and performance – by changing our environment.  Coworking is a perfect product for those seeking the ability to change spaces and utilise a variety of different spaces, rooms, and outlooks.

This idea led Eden Baniel to write of her coworking experiences on the Mindspace blog:

Having the luxury of working in an office that contains multiple spaces to explore, each with their own unique details and designs, can give your brain more power to be inventive. By introducing yourself to new surroundings that contain exotic details, you can enrich your mind and feed your brain with novel concepts and inspirations. This, in turn, can create a cycle of invention by sparking new ideas within an extensive web of thought and imagination.

By utilizing a coworking space that allows you both the mobility and the flexibility to explore and examine unfamiliar things, you will be capable of learning more. Therefore, you can grow and evolve more within several distinct spaces. Most offices require their employees to be constricted within one area. This tends to keep individuals isolated from others, unable to share ideas or to enjoy a stimulating conversation, and confined to the same bland designs and surroundings. Shared spaces, however, allow for employees to become acquainted with novelty on a daily basis, and thus result in more inspiration. Inspiration leads to innovation, which leads to success.

The bottom line? Having unique spaces that serve different utilization purposes can assist in unlocking areas of the mind and leading to the conception of creative thoughts that may never have been conceived before. I can personally say that now that I’ve uncovered the secret to success that some call the coworking movement, I’m never going back.

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