This week, we had the chance to catch up with Elise, the Community Development Manager at deskworx in St Kilda to hear a little bit more about her coworking space, some of the awesome services it provides as well as general trends in the coworking industry.

Let’s Get Started!

How and when did desworx start?

Great question! Our team at deskworx was meeting with a number of start-ups who were struggling to find a professional coworking space in the St Kilda area. We decided to open our own to fill a community need and officially opened our doors in October 2015.

Who were the first members?

We were lucky enough to start with great companies who are still happily coworking with us- deliveroo, Parent Paperwork, and Real First Aid. Deliveroo started its Australian operation with just a handful of desks, and now has well over 50 staff coworking with us. Their onsite staff includes a national call centre, account managers and their leadership team.

While deliveroo has definitely expanded the most quickly, Parent Paperwork and Real First Aid have enjoyed the supportive environment of our coworking space to work on growing their businesses.

What is the typical profile of someone who works in your space?

There is really no typical profile of the types of the almost 20 businesses that cowork in our space. Our awesome coworkers range from freelance graphic designers and recruiters to financial planners, promotional products company, and a drone technology company.

What is your favourite part about deskworx?

My favourite part is the diversity of experience that people bring into the space. Working with people from such different industries allows our members to network with others who have different perspectives and have experience in different industries.

For example, the promotional products company been able to provide discounted promotional products to other coworkers and the recruiter has been able to offer advice to people who are looking to hire new staff.

Coworking Trends

What do you see happening in the coworking industry?

If we examine the trends in North America, coworking has expanded from a workplace for start-ups and freelancers to a lifestyle that corporates are embracing and moving project teams and even whole companies into coworking spaces.

It is exciting to see the Australian market starting to catch onto the trend. This can only raise the profile and benefits of coworking and significantly increase the demand for space.

What would you tell someone who is reluctant about coworking?

Just try it! So many people who cowork with us were hesitant at first. Once people join, they have found it to be that perfect blend of a casual yet professional and friendly yet productive space.

Deskworx is always looking for new co-workers. You can check them out on by clicking right here, at or contact Elise at anytime to check out the space and learn about why coworking might be the right fit for your business.

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