Sue Williams, over at Commercial Real Estate talks about how the future of work revolves around coworking spaces, specifically in Melbourne and Sydney.  While some industry analysts thought that working from home would be the long term-trend, it turns out that people actually want company, culture, and community.  All of what is provided by coworking spaces:

“This industry is the Uber of office space. Over the next five to 10 years, companies won’t rent office space and put their people together. They’ll have individual contracts with people and outsource creativity and infrastructure. It’s the exposure to different ways of thinking that fosters people’s creativity. You might even elect to be members of three different workspaces, say, in North Sydney, the CBD and Parramatta to mix with all sorts of people. It’s a very sophisticated offering these days; it’s not full of hipsters on bean bags.”

It also offers businesses the chance to “flex up or down as required”, says property management company The GPT Group’s head of co-working business Space & Co Daniel Stiffe. The business has with venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. “A lot of corporates today require a greater degree of flexibility and need to be agile to make decisions quickly.

“We are very confident demand will continue to grow from both SMEs and larger corporates, with our business likely to double by the end of the year, and we’re working out plans to expand into the future.”

Property agents CBRE work both with landlords and tenants to curate work space to produce engaged staff and long-term profits for office owners. Nicole Fitzgerald, director workplace strategy, Pacific CBRE, says Australians are now leading the way in co-working. The United States, Britain and Asia tend to be much more conservative in how they use space, she believes.

“Here our clients are much more open to exploring different ways of working and working outside the primary workplace,” Fitzgerald says. “You can see that from our quick uptake of activity-based working and agility working. Australian businesses are quite good at stepping outside the status quo.

“When we asked what is the next frontier of service-delivery to customers of office buildings, the highest percentage – 28 per cent – mentioned shared workspace facilities and co-working space.”

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