With many corporations wholeheartedly embracing coworking, by either including communal workspaces into their current corporate property setup or by placing teams in external coworking spaces, traditional offices may need to start drastically changing their offerings as well.

As we at 99spaces have pointed out previously it is primarily millennials pushing this coworking trend – and the perks that go with it.

That’s what panelists said Wednesday at a CoreNet event focused on the co-working trend. Once seen as the domain of plaid-wearing hipsters and tech start-ups, co-working is going corporate and becoming more mainstream, with major companies using co-working operators for some of their office space.

“The millennials are looking to work in a different way,” said Koo MacQueen, a strategic planning manager who oversees IBM’s 38 million square-foot North American real estate portfolio. The company has started using co-working providers to provide flexible space, short-term offices and locations for people to work in cities that aren’t big enough to open a full office. And while she emphasized that IBM isn’t replacing its offices with co-working spaces, they are getting more pressure to change from employees who work in more traditional office space.

“The rumor mill is starting to be, ‘Hey why don’t we have coffee and beer?’” she said. “We’re starting to feel pressure in our core real estate organization to start providing more of that.”

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