Anyway you look at it, the data shows that coworking is here and it’s here to stay.  And it is both a result of the changing nature of work and an accelerator of the changing nature of work.

Writes Tim Dunlop from the Guardian

So is coworking a good thing in itself or simply a rational response to negative changes in traditional workplaces?

Gregg, who is principal engineer in the Business Client Research and Strategy Client Computing Group at Intel Corporation, says with all the variations of experience there is no simple answer to that. Still, she says, “I regard co-working as the most optimistic example we have of conducting enterprise on our own terms. I like that it is often an experience of work that is determined by workers themselves.”

Isolation is one of the key problems that arises for freelancers and providing this sort of human contact – a community of fellow nomads – has become the secret sauce of the coworking industry, a large part of what makes it attractive. Karen Corr, founder of the Make A Change organisation, says it would never have got off the ground without the existence of the Synergize Hub in Bendigo but that it was ultimately the community experience that kept her there, even as her organisation grew.

Travel blogger Monika Pietrowski writes that after “a solid stint in the corporate world, I gave up the security, the scrutiny and the stress for a nomadic lifestyle”. She says that coworking communities have been central to this change and, although it can be hit or miss, the “biggest advantage for me is the people interaction and social setting”.

Also benefitting are those in the real estate business, such as landlords.

“Indeed co-working spaces have become an attractive choice for landlords, real estate agents and other firms looking to fill floorspace as more traditional tenants, such as retailers, close down. US figures indicate co-working may account for as much as 2% of the office market by 2020.”

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