Workbar coworking is now open in a Staples store in Boston.  As Bloomberg reports this is the latest move for the massive retailer to become the ‘it’ partner for startups and small businesses.

Twenty-somethings sip gourmet coffee in comfy booths as a chill soundtrack plays. There’s funky art, as well as skylights, an artificial putting green and — on some nights — happy hours with beer and wine.

A W hotel? A tech startup?

It’s a Staples office-supply store, that longtime favorite of cubicle jockeys and back-to-school shoppers.

The company offers this “co-working” space — where millennials on laptops set up their instant offices — inside the very first Staples store in America. Three decades ago, it opened in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood, just down the street from the International House of Pancakes where future office-store magnate Tom Stemberg signed the company’s founding documents.

This blend of old and new shows how Staples Inc. is digging up its roots as one of the first, and most successful, big-box retailers.

Would you work here?

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