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You’ve heard of coworking. Now to the next level!

The Government’s recent injection of $60m calls for greater intention within Victoria’s startup ecosystem.

With the Victorian Government recently launching its LaunchVic $60m fund to support organisations working to improve Victoria’s startup ecosystem, this raises the question of simply funnelling more money into creating more elements to the ecosystem, or making the current models more effective. Coworking and how coworking is facilitated has been spotted as one key component of the ecosystem that could be developed further to become more effective.

On announcing the $60m Startup sector focussed fund, LaunchVic leader Pradeep Philip stated: “We want to work with existing organisations in the startup ecosystem to collaborate and build together a successful startup sector that will help boost jobs, grow private investment and exports and further strengthen Victoria’s economy.”

There are few doubts that for Victoria’s startup and innovation ecosystem to thrive, workspaces that allow ideas to flourish must exist. Coworking spaces are the environments within which new ideas are dreamed up, built up and supported.

“We see a large number of spaces starting every month, which is great. I’ve noticed though, after being at spaces around the world, that it is the curation of the people within the space and the culture in the space that is the birthplace for ideas, collaboration, creativity and productivity,” states Al Jeffery from Nest Coworking.

Nest and 99spaces have come to realise that to truly create a Victorian startup ecosystem that thrives, will require a more intentional approach to creating spaces and matching people with the right spaces to create more diverse and holistic startup communities.

99spaces founder Aviel Tamir notes that “Coworking spaces are by nature mechanisms that bring like­minded, innovative, and forward­thinking businesses together under one roof. Teaching, learning, and bouncing ideas off each other become a natural part of the workday. Coworking is all about working for yourself but not by yourself.”

Spaces such as Nest and other coworking spaces generally become the hubs for the ecosystem, generally involving educational events, mentorship and support and funding opportunities within themselves. It makes sense that the foundation of the ecosystem itself is where the work and development should be focussed.

To really grow and nurture the startup ecosystem will take strong models and systems to manage the curating and matching process, whilst also ensuring facilitators of coworking are taking a very intentional approach with the culture and community within their spaces.

About Nest Coworking:

Nest is one of Melbourne’s most intentional and curated coworking spaces for socially­minded creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers. We believe in community, we believe in changing everyday and we believe in the power of culture to create a space. To find out more about Nest or be part of the community, head to!

About 99Spaces:

99spaces connects startups, small businesses, and enterprise users directly to owners and operators of flexible workspaces, such as coworking spaces, serviced offices and shared workspaces. We believe workspace leasing should be fast, efficient, and transparent. To find an awesome space to get stuff done, or to share your workspace head to!

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