“looking to a future where offline and online shopping aren’t two separate business models. There will just be “shopping” and it will be an integrated online and offline experience”

In a recent Forbes article, Joshua Steimle writes about Zalora Hong Kong’s store at the Windsor House shopping centre.

This store contains many traditional store fixtures and features yet doesn’t contain two traditional retail store staples: cash registers and shopping bags.  And for good reason: customers cannot actually take anything home with them!  They can look, touch, feel, compare, and try on any item they wish.  They can purchase items – but instead of taking it home right away Zalora delivers it right to their home or office.

Zalora has set this store up as a Popup store, a location to promote their brand to new customers and educate them about their products.  The fact that it’s a Popup store is telling.

More than 80% of the Popup store’s customer’s had never shopped at Zalora before.  The chance of these customers shopping at Zalora’s online store the next time they need a new outfit is now that much greater.  These customers have been given ‘permission to shop’.

The line between online and offline shopping continues to blur.  Retailer must now be comfortable working with customers in a multi-channel environment, and these environments must mesh.

The other benefit for Zalora of the Popup retail store format is the fact that the short term lease enables them to pick up and move to a new location quickly and easily.  They can expose their brand to a whole new set of customers in a new geographic region and continue to grow their business, wall without massive capital expenditure.

These offline brick ’n mortar locations help businesses build their brands in ways that an online-only environment cannot.  Customers still often want to touch, feel, and try on.

What can a Popup do for your business?

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