From The Urban Developer comes a ‘5-minute’ interview with Rothelowman architect Michael Banak.

The part that stood out the most for us?  Right here:

When asked, “What Key Trends Do You See Influencing The Commercial Office Design Sector In The Next Few Years?”, Banak responded:

“Technology allows people to work away from the office and at any time. Based on the environment created by shifting workplace boundaries, community based office environments have risen to prominence – allowing for work hubs or shared spaces.

Shared spaces (tenanted by a number of different businesses) represent an emerging innovation in the commercial workplace. The model appeals to start-up businesses where whole office spaces aren’t required, but also to established businesses with short-term overflow; people wanting to log into a work environment remotely can also find the shared space model works for them.

This shared economy allows people from a number of disciplines to collaborate more effectively and to access larger office facilities without the commitment and overheads of real estate. I’m confident the agility afforded by the shared economy trend will see the shared office become an entrenched mode of business.”

Spot on, Mr. Banak! Coworking is booming and sooner or later all commercial property developers, architects, and designers will need to take this growing market segment into account when planning new developments. And we can’t wait!

Read the interview in it’s entirety right here.


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