One thing we talk and hear about a lot is the blending of work and home.  The lines dividing work and home are blurring.

The spaces we choose to work in should reflect that.  We don’t want drab, badly lit, boring spaces but rather we need spaces that inspire us, have abundant light, and allow us to enhance our work life.

Virgin, regularly one of the world’s most innovative companies, in their ongoing series on Next Generation Working writes that:

“As a designer, I have always believed that the physical environment plays a large part in our mood and state of being. With having this belief, then, working in a beautiful space becomes very important because this is the environment that provides us our livelihood and inspiration, which aren’t insignificant.”



(Pictured: Hub Melbourne)

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Today more than ever we have certain expectations regarding design.  Thanks to design focused innovations such as the iPhone our collective standards are much higher.  Basically put, we want our workspaces to match our iPhone and other accesories.

One of the great things about coworking is the ability for a user to try out many different spaces, locations, and geographic locales.  Spend some time working in a variety of spaces and you’ll be able to determine the type of space which works best for you, and which makes your work the best.

There’s so much to discuss on this topic – you’ll be hearing much about it from us!

What do you love most about your space?

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